Where does your uptown neighborhood rate?

New York Magazine published a list of the 50 most livable neighborhoods in New York. Harlem rates number 50. The remaining uptown contenders all rate above the top 25 according to to NY Mag. Do you agree?

You can find out more about how they calculated livability for the article here: http://ow.ly/1y6A7

31. Inwood
Dyckman St. to northern tip of Manhattan, Harlem River to Hudson River
In Manhattan, but not of it; on balance, less convenient than many neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens.

37. Washington Heights
155th St. to Dyckman St., Harlem River to Hudson River
For better or worse, it has mostly escaped the forces of gentrification; it’s much safer than reputed, with a falling crime rate.

46. Morningside Heights
110th St. to 155th St., St. Nicholas Ave. to the Hudson River
Diverse neighborhood, better for grocery shopping than nightlife; higher prices relative to its location, probably because of the captive audience of Columbia professors.

50. Harlem
Central Harlem: 110th St. to Harlem River, 5th Ave. to St. Nicholas Ave.
East Harlem: 96th St. to Harlem River, East River to 5th Ave.
A surprisingly lackluster performer. Despite radical changes in recent years, crime is still relatively high and the public schools could still use improvement.


One thought on “Where does your uptown neighborhood rate?

  1. What do you expect from a former Chicagoan? Although the author of this piece is a well-respected journalist, his empirical approach to “liveability” can never capture the soulful appeal of Harlem. His choice of Park Slope, a lovely, stroller-dominated, CHICAGO-LIKE enclave, is evidence of this. I doubt this review -in the long run- can trump the appeal of Harlem’s housing stock, affordability, history, convenience and Manhattan location.

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