Don’t count them out: B. Braxton lives

There had been rumors flying around that B.Braxton, the high-end men’s grooming tonsorial, had closed.  I contacted them to get the real deal and promptly received the following message in my box the following day :

Dear Clients, I would like to apologize for the delay in writing, and appreciate your loyalty and patience. Great things are happening and we hope you will continue to check our website for our Future Grand Reopening! We look forward to continuing to offer our excellent services with the quality and expertise you’ve become accustomed to! Have a Happy New Year!!

Brenda Exceptional Grooming for Exceptional Men


With all of the wonderful changes happening in parts of Harlem, we hope that B.Braxton will relocate to more central area and continue to keep our Harlem men looking good.


3 thoughts on “Don’t count them out: B. Braxton lives

  1. I think its very interesting that approximately 3 months after abruptly closing, now, Brenda makes a public statement. I thought I was a dedicated customer of B. Braxton’s and certainly that merited a significantly better notice of the closing.

    One wonders if one can trust her in the future should she re-open. Let’s see; no prior notice, a message on an answering machine that was totally misleading, and now a message after 3 months…

    Things that make you go Uhm!

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