Seen in Harlem: The Samuelssons

As if you needed another reason to shop at Best Yet Market on Frederick Douglass Blvd. Seen on Sunday night, celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson and his gorgeous new bride picking up a few items from the deli department. Stunning couple! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a clear photo so I used one from The New York Times.

In case you missed the previous post,  Samuelsson plans to open up a new restaurant here in Harlem called The Red Rooster.


3 thoughts on “Seen in Harlem: The Samuelssons

  1. Good News — Renowned chef Marcus Samuelsson is opening a restaurant in Harlem.

    Bad News — It’s an upscale fried chicken, mac&cheese, collard greens and cornbread restaurant.

    Do we really need the same menu over and over again? Samauelsson doesn’t even have any personal connection to that kind of food. I was hoping he’d bring something different to Harlem. What a disappointment.

  2. Point of detail about the info above: The Times says this picture was taken at his duplex off Frederick Douglas, not at Best Yet.

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