Harlem YWCA razed

The annex to the Harlem YWCA built in the early 1930s has been demolished. This brings Abyssinian one step closer to renovating the former Renaissance Ballroom on Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. between 137th and 138th Street.

A 2007 New York Times article had this to say about the dilapidated building:

As the Renaissance project moves forward, no one has spoken up for the little Y.W.C.A. building on 138th Street, even though the shifting colors of its brick — orange, rust, yellow and purple — seem to warble like a bird’s song.

Built in 1931 and designed by Joannes & Marlow, it is a perfect little gem of side-street architecture, all the more so because there is little in Harlem like it.


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  1. With the DeConstruction of 1800 and 1900 buildings in Harlem, why are there no schools doing Archaeological digs going on in the rubble, to preserve artifacts of the old village of harlem? Most of the buildings being destroyed were built on farmland, Native American land,and Battle Grounds, yet we are thowing the Baby out with The Bathwater instead of saving the history of Harlem to display in a museum of some type.

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