Van Hunt at Harlem Stage

Written by: Joseph Riley Land

Kicking off the Spring 2010 season of Uptown Nights at Harlem Stage will be none other than Grammy award winner Van Hunt. Hunt, who’s been laying low since he left Capitol Records for Blue Note in 2008, has recently resurfaced – making a great impression on BET’s Mo’Nique Show – with a self-released collection, Use In Case of Emergency.

Simone Eccleston of Harlem Stage explains, “Harlem has always been about emerging, evolving and established artists. We are celebrating the rich history and culture of Harlem by providing a place where people from the community – and people who aren’t from Harlem – can come, meet friends, dance, and groove to some good music.”

The show is Sunday, February 28th) at 7:30 PM at the Harlem Stage Gatehouse (150 Convent Ave. at West 135th Street).  To learn more about Harlem Stage, please visit

*Note change of date due to inclement weather.


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