Harlem agrees that Best Yet is indeed the best yet

After much anticipation, Best Yet Market has finally opened! I’ve heard nothing but high praise for the clean store, friendly staff, and fresh produce. Best Yet just might be the best supermarket in Harlem. Take a video tour of the Harlem store on the Best Yet website.

A friend went shopping at Best Yet this weekend and had this to say about the new store:

  • very fresh produce and meats
  • delicious hot/cold food bar
  • pizza
  • bi-level with escalator/elevator access
  • café
  • groceries packed in two generously sized recyclable bags
  • helpful smiling staff
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    10 thoughts on “Harlem agrees that Best Yet is indeed the best yet

    1. Been waiting for them to open for months….Best Yet did not disappoint. So nice to have fresh fruit & produce around the corner, pre-prepared foods since I’m a terrible cook, a friendly staff and a great selection of products! The New England Clam Chowder at the soup/salad bar is to die for! Ilene

    2. Thanks for the heads-up on this market. I went today and couldn’t have been more impressed. Clean, spacious, diverse offerings, and great prices (some items are even better priced than my local supermarket on 116th, Fine Fare). I was particularly happy to see the fresh seafood section.

      The only down side was having to hear an employee dressing down another employee while I was shopping. Not cool, guys.

      For me, with the advent of this place and Costco, there are fewer and fewer reasons for me to have to travel below 96th Street (including Fairway in the 70s and Broadway, which is easier for me to get to than the one in Harlem) for food that your typical supermarket doesn’t offer.

      I hope it does well and remain as clean as it is now.

    3. Soon there will be a new market on 125th street between Madison and 5th avenues called Wild Olive Market. The awning is up and significant progress has been made inside preparing it for its opening. This part of Harlem is in urgent need of such a market because Fairway , Best Yet and Fine Fare are a good distance away.

    4. Harlem already had bagels… at Fairway. I realize this new place is closer for some parts of Harlem, but nothing beats Fairway.

    5. Stopped by this morning to check it out and shot a quick video. Check out HarlemRealEstateGuy.com to see the Best Yet from the inside. I think that it is a major plus for Harlem. It will make life much easier, that’s for sure!

    6. Best Yet Supermarket is harlems newest superstar!!

      There is an awesome coffee bar in the front..
      Finally Harlem has bagels!!! The produce is super fresh.
      Upstairs the cafe is adorble and comfy for lunch . The staff are super nice..
      I must add that the non hormone.. cooked chicken to go for 5.99..is amazing!!
      There is much much more i have not even mentioned…so goooo!!!

    7. I’ve been pretty impressed with the Fine Fare at 116 and Malcolm X (which is closer to me anyway). It doesn’t have the shiny shiny, but the produce is good and the place is HUGE and well-stocked for a NY supermarket. Beats any C-Town or Associated I’ve ever been in, at least.

      Good to see that the standard for neighborhood supermarkets is rising.

    8. SO excited about this store. Fresh produce and I don’t have to go all the way to Fairway?? Sold. Plus, their prices are completely reasonable! I want to marry Best Yet. =)

    9. This is awesome for the neighborhood. For the old-timers of Harlem and the new-timers. We need not to “worry and be happy because everything lil thing will be aright.”

    10. We used to always struggle looking for good produce in Harlem … nice to see progress is being made in that area.

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