Kids eat free MLK Week at Harlem Bar-B-Q



2 thoughts on “Kids eat free MLK Week at Harlem Bar-B-Q

  1. King’s image is very positive. Many businesses use him to sell things. This is completely tasteful and in line with most promotions in the country. America is a “huckster” state – its not a communist society. King knew that and WANTED equal opps for to do business in the US.

    Plus, the restaurant gave away MANY free meals to compliment Kings good memory.

  2. This is a disgrace. First of all the King Family cashing in & selling history for profit is a disgrace, but this too is outrageous and I am embarrassed as a Black Harlemite. Using the image & memory of MLK for profit? This is what this boils down to, point blank, period. If this business wanted to do something in the name and or memory of MLK, they can make a donation to the Boys Choir of Harlem and announce it in a press release, there are lots of Harlem based non-profit youth programs they can donate to. They can say a % of the day or weeks sales will go to the United Negro College Fund, in the spirit and memory of MLK. But this? If, and only if you buy an adult meal, we’ll perk you a children’s plate, and if you’re a single parent and you have 2 children, TOUGH LUCK, only 1 of your kids can eat??? That’s the deal? Do you think MLK would be proud? Ridiculous, embarrassing, and shameful. We can do better ya’ll. This is way over the line in terms of exploition for the purpose of profit & gain.

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