Narmer’s Newsstand

Ozier Muhammad/The New York Times

No longer black majority, Harlem is in transition [NYT]

Justice Takes No Holiday in Room 129 at a Manhattan Court [NYT]

Banks Roll Out New Check Card Fees [WSJ]

How Visa, using card fees, dominates a market [NYT]

Bodegas, barbershops dealing sweet liquor punch ‘Nutcrackers’ to city teens [DN]

Dominic Carter has hit rock bottom. [POST]

NCAA May Force Schools To Test For Sickle Cell Trait [NPR]

Muslim Deli Owners Must Choose Koran or Customers [NYT]

Living on nothing but food stamps [NYT]

What’s hot in New York? How about bowling? [NYT]


5 thoughts on “Narmer’s Newsstand

  1. The vacated space recently occupied by the exotic car dealership on 129th St & Lenox Ave seems to be suitable for a supermarket….and I think having a supermarket anchor the building was the initial plan.

  2. Great diversity. I just hopes it works out better for the long-time residents. I love Harlem and its culture.

  3. Would be great to see more decent restaurants and more small businesses open up. Hoping more middle and upper middle can support our businesses.

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