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Stage Set for School-Closing Showdown [CR] 

Hou$ing ax freezes out 3,000 poor families [NYP]

A Wall in East Harlem Speaks: Stand Up and Be Counted [CR]

Kwanzaa celebrations continue, but boom is over [BUFFALONEWS]

More City Agencies Hold Millions in ‘Hidden’ Accounts [ NYT]

Latin Jazz Is Staple, but Others Are Invited [ NYT]


One thought on “Narmer’s Newsstand

  1. There’s a whole lot of hidden funds that I am very sure Bloomberg hasn’t discovered as yet. But the accounts that he does know about needs to applied to MTA and all of these other expenses that the city tosses in the tax payers laps. That would include building some real low income housing too.

    Instead of more high end pre-fabbed coops and condos with low income blankets within their titles too. New York City is just too full of schemes now. It’s almost impossible to advance here like it once was it’s basically time to go. Where funds may a bit less in our paychecks but we’ll have to show for our money. Paying high cost for the sake of living in NYC isn’t the ticket anymore.

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