More fast food coming to 125th Street: Checkers

Photo via Tribeca Citizen

 As most thoroughfares in America do, 125th Street has no shortage of fast food joints. Add one more to the roster: Checkers. Checkers, the national chain more associated with drive-ins in the suburbs (also known as Rally’s in some states) than busy urban streets has been steadily making its way into New York. One of their traditional style drive-in restaurants has been opened for years in Co-op City. Smaller walk-in versions have opened in Manhattan and Brooklyn over the last few months, while Harlem expects to open a branch of the burger chain no later than first of the year.


2 thoughts on “More fast food coming to 125th Street: Checkers

  1. Finally I’ve always wondered when they would add a Checkers uptown. I always enjoy driving into the Checkers in Hempstead when i venture out that way. The Big Buford is my favorite but I can never eat the whole thing. Although there are many Checkers around in Long Island and in New Jersey. Between the Checkers in NJ and the one in Hempstead, NY their burgers are just like they advertise on their ads. The rest are pretty much like Mickey D’s small and commercial looking. Looking forward to trying this spot.

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