Fresh Flavor: Ocean


Spotted a newish Chinese-Japanese place on Lenox. Stood out because Harlem is very light on Japanese food. Downside is the the Chinese side of the menu is heavier than the Japanese side. Expect to see only sushi and teriyaki.  They also seem to be a few smidge more expensive than the other Chinese restaurants in the area. The upside is that they are clean and new. 

Ocean Restaurant
393 Lenox Ave. near 130 St. 
212-289-9293; 212-289-9290


5 thoughts on “Fresh Flavor: Ocean

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  2. Thanks for this news. It’s a bit out of my way but I definitely want to give it a shot. Thanks, too, for the tip on Bamboo Village. What would you recommend getting from there?

  3. I like Bamboo Village so that is a good thing. I will have to try them. Their prices were a bit higher than the average around the neighborhood but if it is good food it might be worth an extra dollar or two.

  4. I’ve been twice , was the best Chinese joint I’ve experienced in the area , second to Bamboo Village (135th & 8th). Very clean, all brand new equipment (that’s important)., they wear uniforms, the on staff Sushi guy where’s the sushi garb – and it’s clean clean clean clean. I’ve ordered the boneless ribs ($7) – rice was better than most,cuts of meat were fine, not exceptional fatty or anything – very fine – not too heavy in sauce – no complaints, rather tasty……they showed me, as a Harlemite I give them respect, I give them my business. Many Chinese joints exude in all sorts of ways they don’t respect their customer – this spot is not part of the bad old Chinese joints,….give’em a shot. However, for Japanese….I will be sticking with Charlie’s at 126th and 5th.

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