Fresh Flavor: Island Salad Opens

Island Salads

For the decade that Milo Meed has lived in Harlem, he has been frustrated with the lack of healthy food. Watching his 11-year-old son, Danny, grow up, he grew even more concerned, as he noticed far more obese children north of 96th Street.

For a few years, he tried to convince other businesses to fix this problem. As a consultant to local small Harlem businesses, he suggested that they open a restaurant specializing in salads. Then he reached out to more than a dozen healthy food chains to see if they would expand onto 125th Street. But no one was interested.

So last week, Mr. Meed took Harlem’s need for more healthy eating options into his own hands: He opened Island Salad, a Caribbean-themed salad bar and juice cafe, cheered on by his mother, his pastor and workers from the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone Development Corporation, which provided him with $181,406 to help start the business. Read the rest:


2 thoughts on “Fresh Flavor: Island Salad Opens

  1. I stopped in yesterday and was quite pleased with the choice of healthier food. I was born and raised in Harlem,and this is what we have needed for years. I met Mr.Meed,and he was so kind and even gave me tour of the resturant. This is a plce that will only enhance the Harlem that we love. Good luck!!

  2. I checked out Island Salad – the place is beautiful and clean and the menu has a lot options. I was running somewhere so didn’t have a chance to eat but will definitely go back to try out the salads. On the way there I passed by the new Applbebee’s which of course at 5p on a Friday was packed. I only hope Island Salad gets the attention and service it deserves.

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