My favorite things: Donate for the holidays

Looking for a unique way to give back this holiday season? For $25 you can help 25 shelter cats make a healthy transition from the shelter to their new home.

Shelter life can be scary for cats. The transition from an original home to shelter life to an adoptive home brings many changes in sights, smells and surroundings, leaving cats fearful in each situation.

The Hide, Perch & Go Box when used at a shelter gives a cat control over her environment, allowing her to relax and become more adoptable. The box then follows the cat to her new home, giving her a familiar environment during the adjustment period.

Hide, Perch & Go Boxes provide a cat with:

  • Separation of functional areas for eating, sleeping and more
  • Choices in temperature (cats are sensitive to even slight changes)
  • Opportunities for a wide-range of behavior (hiding, perching, jumping)
  • Choices in viewing points from which to watch her surroundings
  • The comfort of her own scent inside the box
  • Places to mark with scratching and face-rubbing

In partnership with the PETCO Foundation and The Animal Rescue Site, the Foundation has distributed more than 80,000 Hide, Perch & Go Boxes and secured the lowest possible pricing for member shelters.

At just $1 per box, your gift of $25 will supply a needy shelter with 25 Hide, Perch & Go Boxes, significantly improving the quality of life for and adoptability of a shelter cat.

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