Last Call at Billie’s Black

joseph riley land

It’s 2:32 am and your stomach is growling. You could go to the bodega on the corner, but who wants to talk to the man through that tiny little window? The fridge at your place? Ummm, no; unless you want a mayonnaise sandwich. What to do, what to do?

The good news: if it is a Friday or Saturday night, you can pop into Billie’s Black on 119th [between Frederick Douglass and St. Nicholas] for their “last call” session and get a plate of their famous catfish strips. Or, try the French toast. Either way, you don’t have to go to bed hungry. The menu is limited, but they have managed to whittle down their extensive menu to what I consider to be a great list of late-night offerings: wings, steak and eggs, grilled cheese [done with half white/half wheat; I love them], etc.

While you’re there, you’ll catch some hot new underground music from their iPod mix, which was put together by soon-to-open Harlem CD store, kitchensofa. The blend of indie artists on the mix includes such Harlem residents as Ra-Re Valverde, KimberlyNichole, Chester Gregory, Russell Taylor, Mika and Ryan Shaw. Musically, this is a great way to transition from the club to the bedroom; it slowly helps bring your vibe down to a more chill mode.
In addition, if you’re there between 3 and 3:59 am, you get shots for… wait for it… $3.59. Yes, three dollars and fifty-nine cents. For a shot. At which point, all becomes right in the world.

So, let’s add this together:
late-night menu + great music + inexpensive drinks = “last call @ Billie’s Black”


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  1. a.m. sunshine – kitchensofa will be a lifestyle store, opening this spring in Harlem on Lenox Ave. The plans are not 100% out there for the public, but my spies tell me that the store will carry CDs by independent artists, a line of gourmet chocolates, tees, art, books, etc. They will also host listening parties and really embrace the many independent artists here in Harlem, as well as the around the rest of the country. You can follow them on twitter @kitchensofa.

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