East 100th Street


By: Bruce Davidson (Source: NY Times)


We’re not sure how we missed this story last month, but thanks to the ever fabulous Fly blog, we found it! The Howard Greenberg Gallery on East 57th Street, recreates a sequence of pictures chosen by the curator John Szarkowski for the 1970 Museum of Modern Art exhibition of Bruce Davidson’s “East 100th Street” series, an unflinching — and hotly debated in the context of the times — examination of urban poverty and perseverance in the late ’60s. While Harlem still has a ways to go, you’ve come a long way, baby!

See more from the collection here and here.

Bruce Davidson: East 100th Street: The MoMA Show as Curated by JohnSzarkowski in 1970
Through January 2nd
41 East 57th Street
New York, NY 10022