Health Department Announces Launch of NYC FluLine

Starting Thursday, New Yorkers with symptoms of influenza can consult a nurse by calling 311

Call 311As part of a continued effort to prepare for the peak of influenza season, the city will launch the NYC FluLine on Thursday, November 19. Through this service, 311 operators will provide concerned New Yorkers with information on what to do if they or a family member feels sick with flu-like illness (fever with cough or sore throat). Callers with symptoms of influenza will be connected to registered nurses, who will provide information and advice on whether to seek care.

For concerned patients who don’t have or can’t reach a regular health care provider, NYC FluLine is an alternative to standing in line at a hospital emergency department. The call-center nurses will not make diagnoses or prescribe treatments, but they will advise callers about whether to see a doctor or stay home. When necessary, on-call nurses will refer people to clinics, facilitating timely treatment while preventing unnecessary visits to emergency departments.

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