F.R.E.E! Survival Guide

pfcf logo(2)“F.R.E.E! Survival Guide,” speaks to the simplistic, yet urgent need for immediate answers and resources for families of the incarcerated in New York. Entrenched in F.R.E.E’s mission is the need to recognize families who are left behind to bear the burden of over-incarceration in the Black and Latino communities. The F.R.E.E! Survival Guide is the defining epic of the group’s 7-year journey to emancipate the 70,000 families of the incarcerated in New York.

On November 14, 2009 at La Pregunta Arts Café, located at 1528 Amsterdam Avenue (between 135th and 136th Streets), F.R.E.E.! will launch the release of its Survival Guide from 4pm to 7pm.

Join us in celebrating pivotal moments in our success as well as supporting local businesses.  FREE! has partnered with Inside Out Art to auction stirring pieces of artwork created by incarcerated persons seeking to make a gainful contribution to society. Delectable treats and tasty libations will be available for purchase throughout the evening. To purchase a $20 advance ticket, please visit our weblink, http://survivalguide.chipin.com/free-survival-guide-launch-party or visit our homepage: freefamilies.us.


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