Harlem Costco Opening November 12


Costco Wholesale
517 East 117th Street
New York, NY  10035

Photo courtesy of East Harlem NYC


6 thoughts on “Harlem Costco Opening November 12

  1. Sorry, I meant to type “they should think of another way to enter/exit the complex BESIDES 116th St. or it’ll be a holy mess.”

  2. As Tracy pointed out, you don’t need an invitation! But you must be a member, which you pay for ($50-$100/year). There is a white tent right outside of the store where you can sign up for membership. I’ve been back 2x already and love it. Once the entire mall is fully operational (Target, etc., are all opened), they should think of another way to enter/exit the complex 116th St. or it’ll be a holy mess.

  3. You don’t need an invitation. It’s a store that anyone can go to. You do need to buy a membership to purchase items in the store. I believe memberships are around $75 per year. The mailing you see on this blog post is just something they sent out to promote the store.

  4. Again, how do you get an invitation and coupons for the opening of Costco’s Spanish Harlem site. What is the process to become a Costco member and what is the cost?

  5. Morning, I never received this invitation!! and I live right here in Spanish Harlem. How can I get my hands on the the invitations with the sicount coupons?? Thanks!

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