Narmer’s Newsstand

NYC’s mismanaged plan to upgrade emergency system 2 years late, $700M over budget [DN]

6 Posed as Abuse Victims to Get Rent Subsidies, Officials Say [NYT]

A Difficult Birth for East Harlem Mall [NYT]

To prepare its students for test questions with rural settings, a Harlem school hauls its students to a farm museum. [NYT]

Gov. Paterson pushes fat tax again to slim budget [DN]

Why Skin Color May Affect Nicotine Dependence [LINK]

M.T.A. Weighs Lower Fares During Off-Peak Hours [NYT]

The ViVa (Viaduct Valley) Harlem Restaurant Owners Association launches a new program today called “Get Paid to Play.” [WPIX]

Forced flu shots nixed[POST]