Harlem BBQ is now Harlem Bar-B-Q

Photo by NARMER.

The question came to everyone’s mind when they first heard about a new BBQ restaurant coming to Harlem, “Is it part of the Dallas BBQ chain of restaurants?”  The answer was a resounding no. A Yelp! reviewer (and former UF writer) wondered, “How this place is not getting sued is a surprise to me.”

Well, they actually were sued.  As it turns out  former Dallas BBQ employees decided to give the company some competition and open their own restaurant in Harlem. The problem is that they ‘straight jacked’ Dallas BBQ for their logo and most of their menu.

New Harlem BBQ is open for business (Photo by D. Bell)

New Harlem BBQ is open for business (Photo by D. Bell)

Dallas BBQ in turn sued Harlem BBQ for trademark infringement and  misappropriation of trade secrets.  You can view the complaint here.


Weeks after opening signs are removed from awning (Photo: D. Bell)

Shortly thereafter Harlem BBQ removed the name from their awning and replaced it with a new (albeit similar) name and original logo.


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  1. That’s funny! I went their 2nd day of business and asked was it the Dallas chain and I was told yes, but they put a spin on it…lol!

  2. Great blog. We have been following your WEports about Harlem BBQ when you first put it up and WE also read Yelp review. How did they think they were going to get away with that one? SMH

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