Guest blog: Harlem Needs Love Too

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By Ebony Reid

As a young professional living the New York City dream, dating has always been one of the best aspects of living in the city. You meet new people, go to swanky restaurants, and dress to impress. The ultimate goal is to have fun while getting to know the other person.

When looking for a night out on the town, many of our default choices involve traveling downtown to ‘hip spots’ like Kittichai and 230 Fifth. We often forget that Harlem is on the come up with new restaurants and lounges opening up throughout the neighborhood. With the recession still lingering we should take note that there are quite a few ‘hip spots’ in Harlem that can also impress without breaking the bank. Here are some local hot spots that my friends and I like to frequent uptown.

Instead of going downtown to Bryant Park’s movie night and pushing your way through the crowds only to discover that you still can’t get a comfortable spot, go to St. Nicholas Park on 135th and St. Nicholas Avenue. You can see great movies (like “The Wiz” and “Fame”) and have a romantic picnic with your flavor of the week.

I asked a few of my Harlem friends about their favorite neighborhood dating spots one evening over $3 margaritas at Blockheads on Amsterdam Avenue. Dayna Isom, a fashion publicist from Hamilton Heights thinks that “Covo Trattoria Pizzeria is always an good choice. [They offer] half-price pizza on Wednesday and the place is gorgeous!” Frances Olajide, an English teacher who also live in Hamilton Heights thinks that, “Harlem Lanes is a great first date spot.  If you don’t like the guy at least you are having fun bowling.”

Native is also a great choice!” chimed in Chris Wharton. “It’s small, cozy, and intimate — a place to impress the ladies and the food is always on point.”

Harlemites, what are your favorite date spots in Harlem?


Ebony Reid is a 20 something working professional who has lived in Harlem for three years.  She enjoys writing about the hottest date spots, the latest fashion trends, and local events.



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  1. Mojo on 119th and St Nick is a perfect date spot, but stick to drinks– they are revamping the menu and were out of a lot of items last week.

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