Narmer’s Newsstand

Harlem Business Owner Fires on 4 Robbers, Killing 2, Police Say [CR]

Where to Eat, Shop and Play in Harlem [CR]

State audit finds inmates collected nearly $30,000 in unemployment checks while in the slammer [DN]

What a doll! Bebe Gloton, a breast-feeding toy for children, makes sucking noises as it ‘feeds’ [DN]

It’s official: Mayor retains control over schools until 2015 after Gov. Paterson signs bill into law [DN]

Prisoner Says DNA Test Exonerates Him of Rape [NYT]

Restaurant group gives harassing notes to FBI [MT]

Transit Workers Win Big in Arbitration [WPIX]

Biggest Union Is Said to Back Bloomberg Rival [NYT]

City students are passing standardized tests just by guessing [DN]

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