Applebee’s Expansion into Harlem

ribsToday Crain’s had an article about the rapid expansion of Applebee’s during the economic downturn. The article mentions the opening of two new restaurants in the Bronx (including the Atlantic Terminal location) as well as the issues that delayed the new Harlem location.

The Harlem eatery’s opening was briefly derailed last month but seems to be back on track.

On July 17, a State Supreme Court justice ruled against Apple-Metro in a lease dispute, in which the company was supposed to open an Applebee’s in a Harlem building co-owned by the National Black Theater and Nubian Partners.

The theater’s founder, the late Barbara Ann Teer, had argued that Applebee’s is not consistent with the theater’s cultural mission.

While Apple-Metro counter sued for breach of contract—and the litigation continues—it recently signed another deal across the street from the theater at 1 W. 125th St.

“We lost hundreds of thousands of dollars on the first deal,” said Mr. Tankel, but he believes he is saving money on the terms of his new lease. “Two years ago,” he said “rents in Harlem on 125th Street were running between $125 and $150 a square foot. I’m paying less than $100 a foot now.”

– Source: Crain’s


7 thoughts on “Applebee’s Expansion into Harlem

  1. Ummm…I live in Harlem and am HARD PRESSED to find anything other than a soul food restaurant. You wanna talk about clogging arteries?!?!?!!?!? I’m SURE the Applebee’s items probably have 1/3 less fat and calories than what those eating soul food consume.

    Besides, it will provide jobs for community and help clean up the streets.

  2. So much time wasted trying to place people in categories. America was build on fast food, it’s not going to go away and the really is that you are responsible for what you eat … as for children the responsibility falls on the parents. If you don’t complain about McDonald’s, Burger King ….. don’t complain about Applebee’s is just another modern day fast food restaurant.

  3. Anonymous, there is an even more destructive force than the evil Applebee’s against black people, the epidemic of black youth shooting and killing each other and supported by a culture of no snitching.

  4. Look, if you choose not to eat it that is up to you. Any health care professional will tell you to eat in moderation. No one is forcing the food down the throats and just because there was not an Applebee’s in the neighborhood doesn’t mean people weren’t eating it. How about the fact that Applebee’s is only recently moving into these neighborhoods when they were previously in suburbs? Was that genocide also?

    As for the photo, it was in the original article posted in Crain’s. Yet, I don’t see you over there giving them the same spiel. Why is that?

    It is apparent that the article is a business article not an advertisement. Please, there are less hostile ways of making your point about health and nutrition.

  5. A great way to eradicate Black people has always been through food, alcohol & the advertising and promotion of alcohol, tobacco, allowing the free flow of herion, crack, and other assorted drugs in the urban communities.

    Wow, what a wonderful photo this blog entry has of the food at Applebee’s. Can we take a further look? Let’s see, the Calories in the photographed Entree, Riblets w. sauce, beans, coleslaw, fries.

    Calories 2027Calories from Fat 1170
    % Daily Value*
    Total Fat 130.0g 200%
    Saturated Fat 42.0g 210%
    Cholesterol 390mg 130%

    Gee, in one dish Blacks will now be able to consume TWICE the daily amount of Fat they should, again TWICE the amount for a full day, in one sitting of this dish! Lovely!

    Hoo-ray for Applebees, Quiznos, McDonald’s, KFC, Dunkin Donuts and Fried food everywhere! The KKK itself could not do a better job in destroying the health of a community!

    And look here, in the same breath UF promotes the
    Harlem Health Fair & Expo?????. You’re kidding, right? Who really cares about “health” in Harlem? We’re going bonkers over a full blown Applebees! Yippeeeee. Can’t wait to destroy my arteries there, loves it!

    The tools and devices of the eradication of a people take many forms. Kool’s, Newports, McDonald’s, Alcohol, Applebee’s, it all helps!

    Care to check my facts? Look it up….

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