Seen in Harlem: Chris Brown

Chris Brown at Rucker's (Photos: Shameless Hype)

Chris Brown at Rucker's (Photos: Shameless Hype)

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7 thoughts on “Seen in Harlem: Chris Brown

  1. If there’s anything good to be found here, I suppose it’s positive that he’s not projecting a broadly anti-police attitude on top of the propensity for abusiveness.

  2. Point taken. He is still a kid and if he can get the temper under control he can be a role model to younger boys. On the flip side, abuse is often tolerated in the entertainment industry. James Brown, Ike Turner, and more that we don’t even know about. When it becomes a matter of the public saying what you did was unacceptable, then they sit up and take notice. The apology came after the deals and performances fell through.

  3. As unfortunate as it may seem, it is only fair that Chris Brown gets another chance in life. What he did was despicable, however, it shouldn’t be the end of all for him. Others have committed worse crimes and have been able to revive their careers and reputations. His abusive and and inhumane act should serve as a learning opportunity for him and others in violent relationships.
    Although I wouldn’t be as eager to pose with him in the photos as the above police officers, I still think the man deserves another chance.

  4. You make some valid points. What message does it send to women and young girls in an abusive situation? But then women cops tend to be the least compassionate toward abuse victims. Detachment perhaps?

  5. isn’t celebrity grand? you can brutally beat up a woman, put knots all upside her head, just beat the s-h-i-t out of her face, and since you are a celebrity, indeed be celebrated nonetheless. what a country we live in, what a culture we are! would the cops be so proud and keen to pose with a person of Chris Brown’s police record, if he were not a celebrity? think about it. those cops have almost surely had to deal with domestic abuse, assault, etc. cases. those copes have certainly had to arrest some men that have gone, “Chris Brown” on a woman, do you think those cops posed with smiles for photos with those fellows?

    What a lovely world and life we live in. The cops are proud to pose with men that assault women. This just might inspire me and a few of my brothers to beat the shit out of the black women in our life. Why Not? Seems there’s no real penalty. Perhaps like Chris Brown, I can beat the shit out of a Black Woman, and just months later be hugged and embraced by Black female Harlem cops.

    Any Volunteers? Those Rhianna photos showed some serious knots on her head and bruises on her face. Any Black women out there willing to let me beat the shit out of their face, Chris Brown style? After words I will call upon the female Harlem police, the Black female NYPD to proudly pose with!

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