Fresh food can be found uptown

Resources_GreenCartWith all the attention given to Harlem in regards to the lack  of  fresh food available, it is good to know that the new Whole Foods is only one month away from opening.

Along 8th Avenue, ZPP has been speculating as to the which grocer will make its home in SoHa.

Has anyone else noticed the neighborhood fruit vendors out 24 hours whether it is rain or shine? There is a guy who set up on the corner of 8th Avenue and 145th who never seems to close.


4 thoughts on “Fresh food can be found uptown

  1. Gradually, amenities are coming to a neighborhood that has been long overdue for them. People have to take advantage of these supermarkets irrespective of how expensive the products are in them. There is constant chatter about people living below the poverty line not being able to afford healty food, however, those same people buy their kids brand name clothing (Nike Jordan shoes for $100 and more). Cut on spending that is not essential and spend more on beneficial things for the body and mind.

  2. Not really. It’s grazing the southern edge of Morningside Heights and therefore in a fully gentrified neighborhood with plenty of good grocery stores. Even if you live at 116th Street (I live at 144), it’s still a full 20 blocks away — making it an unlikely grocery store choice for someone who lives uptown.

  3. There IS fresh food in Harlem… the enormous Fairway at W. 129-133rd on the river, for example?

    Also, last time I checked, 97th and Columbus isn’t Harlem so I don’t see how this new Whole Foods is relevant.

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