Gateway Center is open – a little

Gateway Plaza in the Bronx - Photo by D. Bell for

Gateway Center in the Bronx - Photo by D. Bell for

Back in January we gave you a sneak peek at the Gateway Center located right across the 145th Street Bridge near the new Yankee Stadium. Two stores, Staples and Home Depot, have opened for business so far and a couple of more stores are slated to open within the coming weeks.

Staples, now open for business, offers a clean, orderly store, with a helpful team of employees. Next door is Home Depot which is a resource that was sorely missing from this area.

Tomorrow Target is set to open, and BJ’s Wholesale Club is reported set to open on August 1st. You can get a BJ’s membership for $45 year by visiting www.bjcom.bronx

Applebee’s, Marshall’s and a few other recognizable names are slated to open in the center as well.

As an aside, has anyone been up on the Grand Concourse near 149th lately?  There is a whole strip of businesses that have cropped up lining the west side of the block including a cute little lounge called The G Bar. Go Bronx!


5 thoughts on “Gateway Center is open – a little

  1. So you don’t get surprised on your visit to Gateway, the parking fee is $2.50 for the 1st hour. So find parking on the neighboring streets and walk to the Mall.

  2. The hardware store on 125th across from the Con Ed building is very reliable. However, if you need some serious equipment or other materials, Home Depot is a better bet.

  3. This is a very large NIMBY development (Not In My Back Yard). Selfishly I am glad it’s there, however I am also mindful of the small business it will wipeout. I already use the Home Depot. I’ve been there 3 times, spent about $300 in totla, purchased and multi-key locks for doors, plants, & window screens. The locks and screens were available to me at the hardware store on 125th across from Con Edison, however I saved nearly $100 in spending my money at Home Depot, the big box. I live near 140th & Lenox and just walked over the bridge @ 145th. There are dozens of little mom & pop hardware stores and locksmiths scattered through Harlem, they are going to take a big hit once people catch on to how easy it is to get to this development.

  4. I know my bougieness is stepping out when I say that the stores are welcomed and needed but based on the area I just hope the service in the stores are not “streety”

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