Chez Lucienne offers alfresco dining in Harlem

Sidewalk dining on Lenox Avenue

Sidewalk dining on Lenox Avenue (Photo credit: D. Bell for Uptownflavor)

Chez Lucienne
308 Lenox Avenue


10 thoughts on “Chez Lucienne offers alfresco dining in Harlem

  1. Hey Benn66,
    Try Jacob on Lenox at 129th for authentic soul food, perfectly seasoned and CHEAP. If this place doesn’t pass your test, the people who introduced you to soul food should be in some sort of culinary hall of fame.

  2. Thanks to all for clueing me in on how to find the address. I think the transformation going on in Harlem is a wonderful thing.

  3. Just up from here Sylvia’s has occasional outside dining, is this dueling alfresco sidewalks, old Harlem vs. new Harlem?

  4. Just moved to West Harlem, and trying to learn the neighborhood. It would be so helpful if you could publish addresses associated with these establishments when you blog about them. Thanks-Ilene

  5. Never never never in a million years would anyone have been able to convince me that on essentially the corner of 125th & lenox would be authentic French cuisine outdoor dining by a chef with true credibility (education – training, & experience, etc.).

    Why? Folks, you can’t get authentic soul food in Harlem, why would anyone on Earth expect to be able to get authentic French cuisine? Quick lesson for the White folks. Black Harlem’s American regional roots are primarily from the South East U.S. (Virginia, the Carolinas, GA, etc.). Sylvia’s is considered “dog food” to many of that crowd aged 50+ & it’s mostly a tourist place. There is no Soul Food in Harlem that would have credibility in the South East, the deep South, or even Texas/Oklahoma/Arkansas (much less on an outdoor dining basis).

    The fact that you can today in Harlem get outdoor dining of authentic and credible French cuisine and Italian cuisine (Patti D’oro) is stunning, especially framed against the context of being unable to get that in Soul Food. Londel’s does not cut it.

    How did this happen? Anyway, it’s kind of funny how when relatives visit me today in Harlem and want to dine out, I tell them the best food in Harlem is Italian & French. That raises some eyebrows for sure! I’ve only had the brunch at this new spot however it was delightful, and at $12 within my budget.

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