Free is good!


Print out the coupon above to get a F R E E pastry with your cup-o-joe on Tuesday, July 21, 2009 from opening through 10:30AM only.

Also, every Monday you can get a F R E E mocha from McDonald’s from 7 to 7 through August 3, 2009.


4 thoughts on “Free is good!

    The employees are from the community. And it was one of the first major companies to open on 125 outside of McDonald’s and KFC

  2. Thank You D Bell for sharing this opportunity. I love Starbucks for the coffee. It would be nice if Loves NY explains why they don’t think they are good for NYC. Do you work at Dunkin Doughnuts? Are they your competition? Please detail how you think they are bad for NYC in particular. I never worked at Starbucks, but they claim to be an American institution that gives its employees (even part time) benefits like stock options and health care. If this is true, I have to applaud. When this same brand offers an experience and occasional freebies – I am exstatic.

  3. Free might be good but Starbucks and McDonalds are not good, and not good for NYC. Why promote corrosive businesses like these?

    • I am promoting money saving tips for my readers. Trust me, they don’t need my little ole blog to promote their business. They do fine on their own.

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