Reel Harlem



Location: 113th St. & Morningside Dr.
Rain Venue: Church of the Master, 86 Morningside Ave. (btw. 121st & 122nd St.)

Wednesday, July 8th
Music: Live P-Funk inspired DJ set (7:30 pm)
Film: Parliament-Funkadelic: The Mothership Connection (8:30 pm)
(Unknown, USA, 85 min.)
On Halloween night, 1976 George Clinton and his band of soul and funk all-stars landed in the Houston Summit riding a $275,000 spaceship. The Mothership space-funk-opera bucked all musical and racial categories, influencing all popular music to come.

Thursday, July 9th
Music: Live Girl Group inspired DJ set (7:30 pm)
Film: Girl Groups: The Story of A Sound (8:30 pm)
(Steve Alpert, USA, 65min.)
Girl Groups traces the story of the dream girls, including The Ronettes, Martha and the Vandellas, the Shangri-Las, the Supremes and many more. Revealing interviews with female singers and the businessmen and producers who packaged their sound is punctuated with original footage of girl groups performing 25 of their greatest hits.

Rain Venue: Inside the Pelham Fritz Recreation Center

Wednesday, July 15th
Location: Lawn B, northwest of the Pelham Fritz Recreation Center btw. Mt. Morris Park West & 124th St. – Bring a blanket!
Music Videos: MJ: King of the Video Jukebox (7:30 pm)
Film: Making Michael Jackson’s Thriller (8:30 pm)
(John Landis, Jerry Kramer, USA, 60 min.)
The late, great Michael Jackson’s Thriller is an almost 14-minute long music video for the song of the same name released on December 2, 1983 and directed by John Landis who also co-wrote the screenplay with Jackson. The mini-film music video was broadcast on MTV three weeks before Christmas 1983. It was the most expensive video of its time, costing $500,000, and Guinness World Records listed it in 2006 as the “most successful music video”, selling over 9 million units.This is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this pop masterpiece.

Thursday, July 16th
Location: The Amphitheater: Behind the Pelham Fritz Recreation Center, Mt. Morris Park West at 122nd St.
Music: Live music by InJoy Enterprises (7:30 pm)
Short: Rubber Soles (8:30 pm)
(Christine Turner, USA 10 min.)
Rubber Soles is a heart-warming short film about, Francis, an 11-year old boy in Harlem who makes the ultimate sacrifice for a chance at love.
Film: Whitewash (New York Premiere Screening)
(Ted Woods, USA, 65 min.)
Whitewash is a documentary film exploring the complexity of race in America through the struggle and history of Black surfers. Featuring music by Erykah Badu and the Roots, the story is narrated by Grammy Award winner Ben Harper with Tariq “Black Thought” of the Roots and told through the eyes of Black surfers from Hawaii, Jamaica, Florida, and California.

Location: 150th St. and Bradhurst Ave.
Rain Venue: Inside the Jackie Robinson Recreation Center at 146th St. & Bradhurst Ave.

Wednesday, July 22nd
Short: Sticks & Stones (8:30 pm)
(Rehema Trimiew, USA, 9 min.)
During a parent teacher conference late one afternoon, Darryl and Dolores confront their daughter’s maligned teacher, Mrs. Martin.
Short: Lifted
(Randall Dottin, USA, 29 min.)
A young mother dancer meets her spiritual guardian on a subway station platform after she abandons her child.
Film: Black to Our Roots
(Tresubira Whitlow, USA, 48 min.)
Black To Our Roots is the inspirational story of the journey that 17-year-old Sylvia Dorsey takes from Atlanta, GA to Ghana, West Africa. During her travels, Sylvia is confronted with challenges that test her patience and change her life forever.
Short: Rubber Soles
(Christine Turner, USA 10 min.)
Rubber Soles is a heart-warming short film about, Francis, an 11-year old boy in Harlem who makes the ultimate sacrifice for a chance at love.

Thursday, July 23rd
Film: Lillie & Leander: A Legacy of Violence (8:30 pm)
(Jeffrey Morgan, Alice Brewton Hurwitz, USA, 84 min.)
Investigating the turn-of-the-century murder of her great-great aunt, a woman stumbles upon an explosive secret that hints at her own family’s involvement in decades of racially charged murders.

Location: 135th St. & St. Nicholas Ave.
Rain Venue: St. Mark’s Church, 55 Edgecombe Ave. (at 137th St.)

Wednesday, July 29th
Music: Live music by InJoy Enterprises (7:30 pm)
Film: Antonia (8:30 pm)
(Tata Amaral, Brazil, 90 min.)
Part Dreamgirls, part 8 Mile, Antonia is the rousing story of the members of an all-girl hip-hop group and its members who discover themselves as they survive on the mean streets of São Paulo.

Thursday, July 30th
Music: Live music by InJoy Enterprises (7:30 pm)
Film: Respond to Sound II (8:30 pm)
(Adrian (AJ) Younge, USA, 59 min.)
Respond to Sound II is an experimental documentary that uses a mash-up of archival footage and interviews to tell the history of African-American urban dance from Cake Walking to Break Dancing.
Short: Clave y Cajon
(Jack Coddington, USA, 30 min.)
Programmed by the Friends of St. Nicholas Park, this short film takes viewers into the world of Latino drummers (cajoneros), exploring the history of Rumba music and dance in New York City.