Rare MJ Portrait in Harlem Auto Showroom

art.portrait.cnnI saw this story the other day and have been searching online for a photo of the Michael Jackson portrait titled “The Book”. Today CNN released this image. I plan to swing by Dancy to see it for myself and perhaps pick up a Bentley while I am there. Ok, so maybe not the Bentley part. Anyway, read a except of the article after the jump.

The oil painting titled “The Book” is on display at Dancy-Power Automotive in Harlem, New York.

A different portrait of the entertainer was among items auctioned from his Neverland Ranch in April. It is not clear whether Jackson sat for that painting.

The painting on display in Harlem belongs to Marty Abrams, a friend and customer of the owners of the high-profile dealership.

The 40-inch by 50-inch portrait, by Australian painter Brett Livingstone-Strong, sold for $2.1 million in 1990. Abrams acquired it as part of an unrelated business deal in 1992 and had it stored.

The painting shows Jackson sitting in Renaissance-era clothes and holding a book. Jackson sat for the portrait because he was a friend of Livingstone-Strong’s.

The painting was unveiled at the Dancy-Power Automotive Group showroom on Thursday but was removed Friday because of crowd concerns. It returned to the showroom floor Monday morning.
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Dancy said the painting’s owner chose the showroom because it’s near the Apollo Theater in Harlem, where the Jackson 5 won their first taste of fame by winning Amateur Night in 1967.

He said Abrams hopes the painting in some way can raise money for charities in the Harlem neighborhood. Dancy said Abrams is not necessarily interested in selling the portrait.

Read the whole article: CNN.com


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