Revised: Temple M is still hosting public performances


Editor’s Note: Apparently the programming diretor is stepping down but the space is still open to the public. Whew! There will be a performance on July 25th. Details are in the comments section below.  Thanks Mika for clearing up the confusion.

Original message:

While I was never able to get over to Temple M to soak in their open space, I had heard wonderful things about it. So I was somewhat surprised to receive the following note in my inbox:

I would like to thank each and every one of you for supporting me and the Temple M family. I am happy I was able to present high quality programing that spoke to all of you. As you know I have other projects needing my attention and will no longer produce any events at the space. Even if you were unable to attend the events your words and spirit were with me the for the duration the period i was there. I look forward to doing additional programming in the future. When that comes about, I will be sure to let everyone know.

Thank You Once Again.

Be Well and Be Blessed



2 thoughts on “Revised: Temple M is still hosting public performances

  1. Hello D. Bell,

    You misunderstood the msg that was sent in your inbox, you will be able to experience a Temple M show after all. TEMPLE M IS STILL OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. The email you are referring to was posted by Major Andres Scurlock who has resigned as the programming person at Temple M. See his entire note at the following link:

    (If you don’t have a Facebook account I pasted Major’s entire note at the bottom of this comment).

    There will be an amazing event held at Temple M on July 25th that will include myself along w/ La Sonya Gunter, Brown Baby Girl & 3 outstanding Belly Dancers NylaPhoenix, Zayanna & Janille Devi….to purchase tickets go to

    Hope to see you there & I hope you will remove the post “Temple M no longer hosting public performances” because I have been getting calls & emails regarding this, Thank You.

    See Major’s note he posted on Facebook below:

    Temple M. Love, Passion and Turning Point, It’s the Keys Stupid…Share
    Monday, June 8, 2009 at 12:35am
    For the past few months I’ve been extremely blessed to taken hold of a life’s dream. I’ve had the desire to work in Programming for as long as I knew the term. The desire was not out of vanity, but out of a true love and respect for colleagues and the need to support the arts. I’m most certain this does not mean I will not have the opportunity to work in programming again. As long as I love the work it will come back to me.

    Temple M is an unique arts space and owner Michel Madie has allowed me to do some amazing things. I’ve made some extraordinary friends and been given the artistic awakening I’ve been looking for. It’s now time I take a departure.

    The keys are are calling once again. Not just calling but Crying Out. I feel a Reckoning coming on. Those who know how I perform in a solo capacity know what I mean. A reckoning is when God anoints you in such a way your voice and/or instrument can shake a listener to the core.

    Because of life juggling I’ve committed the worst sin. I’ve neglected my own art. It’s time to remedy that issue. The keys are crying out in a way I haven’t heard since i first started playing at the age of 14. I plan to answer.

    I need to be at the keys like a gym rat’s at the weights. It’s my time to put in the hours and work on the technique. Three hours a day isn’t going to do it for me. I need my good 4 and 5 hours again. I feel whole and strong when these finger tips are sore and beat up. I also need to work on composing. Every second a melody is ringing in my ear and every minute, one more orchestra has played my work in my soul.

    I’m taking this wake up call and will never agin forsake my art and God’s blessing.

    Time To Take It To The Wall!!!!!


    Be Well and Be Blessed.

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