Front Stoop ‘Que

Photo: Chester Higgins, Jr/NYT

Photo: Chester Higgins, Jr/NYT

In Harlem, Dorothy Davis celebrates with a front-stoop cookout.

Ms. Davis, 54, a full-time baby sitter with an encyclopedic knowledge of the comings and goings of her West 119th Street block, starts shopping weeks ahead for a communal feast. In a decade of yearly cookouts on the sidewalk in front of her building, Ms. Davis — known to neighbors as Dot or Auntie — has come to feed at least 50 relatives and neighbors.

“I don’t mind sharing my blessings,” she said, sitting in her living room near a tall stack of take-home containers. “I’m a people person.

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One thought on “Front Stoop ‘Que

  1. I cannot fathom why some Black folks continue to glorify these sidewalk cookouts. Why anyone would want to “feast” amongst trash cans, street garbage and dog poop is beyond me. In addition to that, these street parties are a real noise and litter nuisance to their neighbors!

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