The Ghosts of Harlem: Session with Jazz Legends

ghostsWhat does a former CIA agent have to do with Harlem jazz musicians?  You’d be surprised how easy it was for a former spy to coax old memories out of 42 musicians over the course of 20 years. Music producer, author, photographer and former CIA agent, Hank O’Neal documented the lives of Harlem jazz musicians in his new book The Ghosts of Harlem: Sessions with Jazz Legends.

O’Neal took portraits of the musicians with a large-format view camera and talked with them about jazz venues, racial interaction and why the Harlem music scene faded. Supplemented with many of his other photographs as well as memorabilia and historical photos, the book is accompanied by a CD that O’Neal produced from the archives of his record company, Chiaroscuro Records, featuring music by 17 of the “ghosts, ” including Cab Calloway, Milt Hinton, Doc Cheatham, Dizzy Gillespie, Buddy Tate, Eddie Barefield, Earl Hines and Illinois Jacquet, performing between 1972 and 1996.

THE GHOSTS OF HARLEM: Sessions with Jazz Legends
Photographs and Interviews by Hank O’Neal
Foreword by Charles B. Rangel
432 pages, 9×12

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