Meet Billy Mitchell aka Mr. Apollo

*Jun 01 - 00:05*
AGE: 59

JOB: Tour director, greeter and historian

TIME ON THE JOB: 44 years

There’ll be a huge cluster of stars out tomorrow when the Apollo Theater celebrates its 75th birthday with a night of music, comedy and heartfelt tributes. But though he’s never performed onstage, Billy Mitchell — the Apollo’s longtime historian, tour guide and goodwill ambassador — has played an important role in the Harlem landmark’s history.
Born in Mount Vernon, N.Y., (where Denzel Washington was a childhood pal), Mitchell came from a family of 14 kids and soon learned he had to make his own way in the world. After the family moved to the Bronx, a teenaged Mitchell talked his way into a job at the famed theater running errands for performers. Still there 44 years later, he’s gone from gofer to “Mr. Apollo.”

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