New restos along the 8th Avenue row

I have been hearing from various sources that Eighth Avenue (known informally as Freddie Dee to some of the recent Harlemites) is expecting at least four new confirmed restaurants to the ever changing boulevard of lost dreams. They each offer a range of culinary options from seafood to Spanish.

We’ll start with a new Spanish restaurant (name unknown) near 112th Street. If you have details please send them to us. 

Next there is a rebirth of sorts. Longtime Harlem residents remember that there used to be a sexy little night spot called Chocolat, the sister to Moca.Chocolat is supposed to come back and join the growing number of establishments on Eighth Avenue after taking some time off.

Then there is the new Italian place called Cafe Andriatico next to The Winery that seems to be plugging away to be open for business just in time for summer.

Finally there is Questan’s owned by Delores Wade who also owns Posh Pets.Questan’s is to be a seafood restaurant and is slated to open this month at 2113 Frederick Douglass Blvd.,  between 114th and 115th Streets.

There are some other places under construction and being unveiled around the neighborhood. What have you seen going up?

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One thought on “New restos along the 8th Avenue row

  1. Lenox has a good number of eateries too! There’s Lolita’s on about 112th, Settepani on approx. 120th, a french bistro btwn 125th & 126th, a winery on 129th, and an italian restaurant on 129th as well…across from the exotic car dealership.

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