Op-Ed – Heartbreak: The Senseless Murder of Oscar Grant

justice-for-oscar-grantThere is nothing that I can say about the tragic death of Oscar Grant III that has not already been said.  I am shaken to the core about the way this situation was treated and the lack of follow up to “rectify” the sickening outcome.

If you don’t know who Oscar Grant is then please click on the link and watch the accompanying video.  Be forewarned that it is very disturbing.  If you know about the situation, then please consider sending a letter to the Attorney General in California and signing the accompanying petition.

The situation in the Bay Area is not an isolated incident.  What took place is the equivalent of the Sean Bell and Amadou Diallo incident relived and should be treated just as seriously. The wars are not just taking place overseas, they are also here at home.

For more information visit Color of Change

Update 1/14/09: Cop involved in shooting was arrested in Nevada


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