Atomic Wings Opens in Harlem


Photo by: Moises De Pena for JCMD Photography

D. Bell

Photo by: D. Bell

On a chilly December evening I headed up 113th Street to the grand opening of the newest location of Atomic Wings on Frederick Douglass Avenue.  As I entered the double doors I took notice of the clean surroundings that included a twin row of tables, a counter with two computers available for paid Internet access, and a separate lounge area with one of three flat screen TV monitors.

I was warmly greeted by Ra-Fael Blanco of 2Rs Entertainment who instantly put me at ease by offered me something to drink while I waited for the featured star of the evening — the wings.

Adam (L) and Harlem Partners - Photo by D. Bell

Adam (L) and Harlem Partners - Photo by D. Bell

While I waited for my wings, I had a chance to chat briefly with Adam Lippin, the founder of Atomic Wings.  The Harlem location is the latest in his growing collection of franchise locations, and the second largest in the chain.  

I sat with TV personality and pop culture commentator Patrick Riley who was attending the event with friends Anthony and Manivone.  We caught up on his recent projects and pop culture until the wings arrived. Patrick ordered the mild wings, Anthony and I tried the jerk wings, and Manivone went full throttle with the Suicidal.

Patrick Riley and Friends - Photo by D. Bell

Patrick Riley and Friends - Photo by D. Bell

Everyone enjoyed their wings.  Patrick said the mild still had a slight tinge of spice to it.  Manivone said the suicidal was hot, but not too hot.  I really enjoyed the jerk  wing which was a nice balance of spicy and sweet.  Unfortunately they were a little too spicy for Anthony, but he still managed to finish them.

In addition to the fact that the wings are extremely flavorful, I also like the fact that they have a good amount of meat on them. A single order of wings gives you 10 wings for $7.99.

Moises De Pena for JCMD Photography

Photo by: Moises De Pena for JCMD Photography

What makes Atomic Wings so great is that they aren’t just a wing place.  If you  happen to be hanging out with friends and they want wings, you aren’t stuck with deciding whether you want teriyaki flavor or buffalo.  Atomic Wings offers salads, nachos, burgers, chili, Chicken Littles, vegetarian options, and soup.dsci1891

And when I say soup I don’t mean your straight out of the can Campbell’s variety either.  Atomic Wings serves up a hearty bowl of chicken noodle soup with real chicken for $3.50 a cup or $5.00 a bowl.  I highly recommend getting the bowl.

The restaurant is waiting for their wine and beer license. They anticipate being the best place in Harlem for football fans who want to watch the game while chowing down on wings and washing them back with a cold beer.  They also offer free delivery for orders of $10.00 and up.

I had a chance to sit down with one of the co-owners for a Q&A session.  You can read our interview on the 26th.

Atomic Wings
2090 Frederick Douglass Blvd
New York, NY 10026

Monday – Sunday: 11am to 11pm
All Major Credit Cards Accepted


15 thoughts on “Atomic Wings Opens in Harlem

  1. Also, the awning for AW – the hot pink one – is especially tack -tack-tacky. Am I only one who thinks this? I’ll probably check it out but was hoping for less chain restaurants and more independently owned places.

  2. Antionette’s served delicious food! Their brunch was yummy and the prices were reasonable. I ate there twice and both times Antoinette (the owner) was there and was so sopen to feedback. Whenever I passed the place, there were only several people dining. It was a black-owned business as well. It’s just disppointing – people complain about not enough variety – i.e. all soul food/wigs/etc and Antionette was bring something a bit new to the area. Her cuisine seemed to have a number of influences – american, italian, south african and it was real food prepared on the spot. What a shame it had to close! Now I’m sure AW will be packed!

  3. I managed to eat here today–the meal was okay but what was disturbing is that in 20 degree weather they managed to have NO HEAT in the restaurant!

    • Did you complain? I was told one of the owners would always be on duty. Also keep in mind that they just opened so everything isn’t yet in place. I was also chilly but thought it was because I was near the door and didn’t have sleeves. Everyone else with sweaters seemed fine.

  4. I can’t help but feel unexcited about this new addition especially considering “just wings” is only a few blocks up. did any of you ever visit “antoinette’s”? a lovely , quaint place with gourmet food. it’s unfortunate that it had to close down b/c so few people patronized the place.

    • Oni, I think they had the restaurant in the works before they knew there were other wing places planning to open. Plus, I’ve tried the other two wing places and feel that AW stands out. If I were hanging out with friends and wanted to pop in for wings to eat in my first choice would be AW. For take out my second choice would be Just Wingin It (customer service is key). That said, I believe there is room for each of these businesses to thrive in the community. Interesting that they are all within blocks of each other.
      BTW, most people didn’t even know Antoinette’s was there. I only about it learned from talking to the owners of AW. Did anyone eat there? How as it?

  5. Very pleased to have this new place on the corner. In fact, I would be quite happy if all of my food were covered in buffalo sauce…

  6. Thanks for the review -looks a bit bigger and nicer than the new-ish wing joint on 118th and FDB. Well, I hope they deliver up to the 140’s. I just tried calling Harlem Wing and Waffle and the number has been temporarily disconnected. Anyone ordered or been by the store lately to see if they’re still open? Hoping so…

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