Caroline and Al Lunch in Harlem

Photo: AP

The Rev. Al Sharpton took Caroline Kennedy to lunch Thursday at the famed soul food restaurant Sylvia’s as she continued her quest to join her uncle in the U.S. Senate.

Later, Kennedy spoke to reporters outside the restaurant, where she and Sharpton shared a lunch of grilled and baked chicken, string beans, collard greens, salad and cornbread.

Source: AP News


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5 replies on “Caroline and Al Lunch in Harlem”

  1. Anon, I’m black and I have to agree with you. we have a black man now in charge of the state Senate too. However I don’t think anyone should get the position based on entitlement and name.

  2. right, black governor, black president…why are black people being kept out of goverment so horribly by the powerful black man in charge of making this decision???

  3. Where are the candidates from the Black and Latino Caucus?
    Why are only “White” candidates being endorsed for this job?
    How many Black/Latinos have been appointed to the Senate from NYS?
    Why are the Harlem politicians quite on this matter, do they feel unqualified for a Senate Seat!
    Just my 2 cents

    1. Actually she is very qualified. These are the qualifications:

      * 25 years old or older
      * Must have been a U.S. citizen for seven years
      * Must live in the state he represents

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