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The New York Post has decided to put all of Doug E. Fresh‘s financial business out on the street.  According to an article in today’s paper, the legendary rapper is facing foreclosure on not one, nor two, but three homes in Harlem.  He is also facing several thousands of dollars in collections and tax liens.  All of this in the face of the opening of his new chicken and waffles restaurant.

On a positive note, it looks like the restaurant is almost ready to open*.  We hope that he can book some gigs and do a few special appearances to take care of his debt in the new year.

*I’ll swing through and take some updated pictures this week.

From The Post:

The Human Beat Box is taking a financial beating.

Rap icon Doug E. Fresh – best known for his ’80s hit “The Show” – has been socked with three foreclosure actions by banks looking to collect more than $3.5 million in unpaid mortgages on a trio of his Harlem homes.

The rapper, 46, also is being chased by American Express for nearly $60,000 in credit-card debt, and the IRS just slapped him with a $367,000 tax lien on top of more than $40,000 owed to the state tax collector, records show.

The golden-voiced rapper, whose real name is Douglas Davis, grew up in Harlem. After his skill at vocally imitating drumbeats and percussion sounds made him famous in the 1980s, he stayed in the neighborhood, investing in local real estate and raising five sons.

He fell behind in payments and, according to a foreclosure suit filed in Manhattan in late August, 2008, he now owes more than $1.73 million.

Davis is putting the finishing touches on Doug E’s Chicken and Waffles, a new Harlem restaurant slated to open next month.

He declined to comment on his woes.


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  1. You know there are such plans for old jazz and blues musicians. It would make sense for there to be one for old rappers and emcees as well. Some of them are getting up there in age.

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