Update: Wireless in Harlem

Sugarhill Juice Bar/ Photo by D. Bell

Kind of like “Sleepless in Seattle”, but better.  Seriously, trying to find free wireless in Harlem can be challenge, especially if you live above the one-teens.  Now that Starbucks has capitalized on the lack of neighborhood cafes in Harlem, that is pretty much the best option for late night Wi-Fi access.  But, if you are looking for an experience that doesn’t mean freezing your extremities off (why do they keep the 145th location so cold?) and being limited to two hours a day then you might be interested in the neighborhood options.

While scouting around for hidden treasures I discovered a little hole in the wall juice bar that advertises Internet.  The Sugarhill Juice Bar was empty and I didn’t go in so I can’t confirm the legitimacy of it, but it is located at 145th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue.

A couple of blocks up on 147th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue, the quaint and quiet Cafe Bon Jour was closed for renovations.

Heading west down 147th and across Jackie Robinson Park sits T&J Bakery and Cafe on 7th Avenue (Adam Clayton Powell, Blvd.) This is a lovely family run bakery with plenty of seating, but not many outlets.  Most of the outlets are in the back where the sofas and club chairs allow you to admire the art work by local artists.  A nice relaxed environment, tasty sweet treats, and coffee for a buck twenty-five.  You must ask for the Internet code, but it is free with no time limit.

On the last post, someone added La Pregunta Arts Cafe on Amsterdam Avenue between 135th and 136th.  While I haven’t been there, Hugo has written a couple of reviews about it.  Also in the area is Cafe One, which was formerly Java’s Brewing. They have a second location in the Hue-Man Bookstore near 126th Street.

Do you have other places to add?  Hit us up in the comments.