Fresh Produce in Harlem!

After asking Where Have the Supermarkets Gone? we’re happy to find out there is some relief for those seeking fresh food in Harlem.

A market featuring organic produce grown on Katchkie Farm in Columbia County will be held on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. through mid-November in the yard at P.S./I.S. 180M, a public school on 120th Street between Morningside and Manhattan Avenues. Students will run the market to raise money for an educational trip to Europe.

Liz Neumark’s Katchkie Farm has been working with the school through its Sylvia Center to teach kids about food, health, and the environment. It’s great to see this exchange open up to the larger community through the market.

Katchkie Farm

Sylvia Center

Farm Goes to Market – Crain’s New York Business

Resources: To find a market near you visit NY Farmers Market or Greenmarket Farmers Markets


5 thoughts on “Fresh Produce in Harlem!

  1. Just make sure you get there early, preferably when they open at 9 am. All the good produce is gone by 11 am. And they tend to sell out completely fairly early, which just goes to show we need MORE of these farmer’s markets in Harlem.

    Also, don’t forget the Greenmarket on Thursdays by Harlem Hospital – I believe because of the construction at the hospital, it has been moved from being right on Lenox Avenue to 135th Street between Lenox and Fifth Ave.

  2. I imagine all the farmers markets in Harlem will have more produce when more farmers feel they can do well in the area. This is of course will totally depend on our community supporting our locally grown produce. I think we need to get out of your supermarkerts whenever possible and buy this wonderfully fresh, just picked real food and not so much packaged food! A healthier community is a stronger community. We teach our children by example, that should include eating by example. Here’s to more fresh produce in Harlem!!

  3. Yeah… but even if it’s not a huge affair, at least it’s for the benefit of the kids. I wish I were able to go to Europe when I was their age!

    I’ll be honest I don’t eat organic/healthy per se, but still think it’s important to support these kind of things so they can thrive/survive in the community.

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