The Scoop: Return of the Scoop

(Photo Credit:New York Daily News)

Would the real heir to East Harlem’s famous Patsy’s please stand up! A jury in Brooklyn Federal court is deciding over the naming rights of East Harlem’s famous pizzeria between two eateries both claiming to be the real deal.[NYDailyNews]

Some residents worry that the re-zoning plans may worsen Harlem’s already infamously high asthma rates. [ColSpectator]

A Washington Heights grandmother was the victim of a stray bullet at the Rangel Houses in Harlem. Fortunately she survived. [NYDailyNews]

Following the death of the congestion pricing plan, local politicians claim the lack of effective plan will  affect air quality in Harlem as well as the rest of the city. [ColSpectator]

‘Harlem chronicler’ offers a look at the neighborhood’s transformation from plighted to trendy while pointing towards a tipping point. [BlackStarNews]

The recent murder of a Columbia graduate student brings up issues of fear and prejudice among some ‘Spectator’ Readers [Col.Spectator]


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  1. I haven’t read all the details surrounding this latest incident but it sounds similar to the death of the NYU student on 125th a couple of years ago. Some of the same arguments are sure to arise. Yet, had it been a latino or black kid would it have even been newsworthy??? Blogworthy even????

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