The Scoop: Harlem’s Bitter-Sweet Edition

Aisha Diallo, co-owner of La Perle Noire Café expresses her pride for the new Governor

This week Harlem has had two big topics to talk about. Most recently former Lt. Governor David Paterson, a “favorite son of Harlem”, ascended to the post of Governor of New York State following a scandal that rocked the State Capitol. Second, the heavily contentious re-zoning proposal of 125th Street was passed by the City Planning commission.

Paterson for Governor:

Many in Harlem are proud of Gov. Paterson’s new and historic appointment, despite the circumstances that put him there. [NYT]

Did you know that Gov. Paterson has roots in the Carribean and even Ireland? [CarribeanWorldNews]

New York State’s First Lady has a history of working hard for quality, accessible healthcare and education.[NYNewsday]

Environmental blog Gristmill examines Gov. Paterson’s historical stance on environmental issues.[Gristmill]

Let the Re-zoning begin:

It goes without saying the voting process did not go over smoothly. Amanda Burden, Planning Commision Chairwoman, had to call security to calm the protesting crowds. [NYObs]

The “River to-River” project is being boasted as a ‘milestone’ accompanied with several environmental concerns. [ColSpect]

The re-zoning proposal now goes before City Council. What’s the word on the street? [NYDailyNews]

Photo credit: Todd Heisler/The New York Times


6 thoughts on “The Scoop: Harlem’s Bitter-Sweet Edition

  1. The Mayor? The Mayor? Of what City? The Mayor owns a townhouse on the upper east side. He does not live in a rent stabilized apartment.

    As for 125th rezoning – I hate it when people’s real racists beliefs come out. Michael Henry Adams is crazy. Always has been always will be – no matter what books he publishes. No matter what your opinion this is a class – NOT race issue.

    This rezoning will bring in more jobs and opportunities for the community.

    And people are concerned with hieght limits? What do you call the 25 story projects sitting nearby – give me a break.

    My family has lived in harlem for 25 years. This is good people – wake up!

  2. So does the Mayor, most of the City Council live in Rent Stabilization Housing and none of them has protected it, so why should the Gov.
    Don’t forget Congressman Rangel also lives in Lenox Terrace.

  3. I think it’s great that the Governor lives in a rent stabilized Apt at Lenox Terrace in Harlem, always has. Hence when the landlord lobby tries to deconstruct rent contol and rent stabilization laws in NY, we know our Governor is a benefactor of the system, and should protect it.

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