Harlem’s Next Idol

article.png The next generation of rap could soon be lead by a 22 year old Harlemite who practically learned to rap before he learned to talk. Jelani Day, son of clothier Dapper Dan, is part of a newer breed of rappers in the spirit of Sean (P.Diddy) Combs and Kanye West:  Rappers whose lives were not defined by the constraints of poverty or the “gangsta” life. 

Jelani was blessed with the good fortune to attend private schools here in Harlem which resulted in him receiving an Ujima scholarship to Northeastern University. Even in college, rap continued to play a huge role in his life. At 22, Jelani has already completed an album and stays busy performing at a host of east coast venues, including Manhattan’s popular S.O.B.’s.


Jelani was recently selected by College Music Journal (CMJ) as a Collegiate Nationals Music Finalist for his song “The Proposal”. The nationwide contest lets college students send in their song submissions for a chance at national recognition. The winner of the CMJ Nationals will receive a $2,500 travel stipend, $10,000 in prizes and the opportunity to perform in San Diego or Boulder, CO.


U.F. readers can help Jelani bring the National Trophy to Harlem by helping him generate the most votes online. 


  1. Go to the CMJ contest website and listen to his song “the Proposal”
  2. Vote for the song!
  3. That’s it!

For more information about Jelani visit: Northeastern News and MySpace.com/JelaniMusic