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The Scoop: Columbia Expansion, Don Imus and East Harlem Sittin’ in a Tree and Plans for More Uptown Veggies

Columbia and the West Harlem Local Development Corporation have agreed to a community benefits agreement worth about $150 million. Both sides are expected to sign this morning in advance of today’s possible City Council vote.
{Columbia Spectator}

The New York Post’s editorial on the Columbia Expansion asserts that some of the worries about the plan are “just plain silly.”
{New York Post}

East Harlem, Don Imus loves you.

Only 3% of Harlem bodegas carry leafy vegetables, so the mayor is looking into ways to bring more veggies Uptown.
{New York Sun}

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2 comments on “The Scoop: Columbia Expansion, Don Imus and East Harlem Sittin’ in a Tree and Plans for More Uptown Veggies

  1. Anonymous
    December 20, 2007

    CU demanded entitlement to adjacent expansion. Colleges & Universities all over America expand their campuses too, are not entitled to adjacent expansion and have extension sites a few or even several miles away from the main campus. This is commonplace.

    Entitlement to adjacent expansion is the issue, not characterizing the current use or future use. If an owner of private property does not want to sell to a private property, that’s just too bad, happens all the time in America. Especially when all the entities involved are private.

    I support CU expansion too! However I do not support CU’s expectation of entitlement to adjacent expansion, even it if meant stripping the property rights of land owners. It’s really that simple.

    To support CU’s position those supporting it inject emotion and speak to irrelevant issues like current or future “use”. These are private parties here.

  2. anon
    December 19, 2007

    Here here! Let Columbia grow and stop the baseless excuses used to keep the area poor and fuming of exhaust. No other entity in the whole world would be better for this underused neighbohood than an Ivy league school.

    Write the city council and show your support for this project!!!!

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