Town Hall Meeting November 29th

Below is information on a town hall meeting hosted by Community Boards 10 and 11. The good news is, it’s always great to have community sponsored public meetings. The bad news is, it conflicts with Obama at the Apollo.  Which event will you attend?


Community Board No.10-Manhattan
(212) 749 3105
Fax: (212) 662-4212

125th Street Corridor Rezoning

Presented By:     Manhattan Community Boards No. 10 & No. 11

Agenda:     The Community Boards’ common agenda for reshaping 125th Street

Where:     Oberia Demsey Center, 127 West 127th Street, between
Malcolm X and Adam Clayton Powell Avenue

When:    Thursday, November 29th

Time:    6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Registration to speak will take place via pre-registration at the following numbers:

Community Board 10: (212) 749-3105
Community Board 11: (212) 831-8929/30


2 thoughts on “Town Hall Meeting November 29th

  1. It looks like they want the Black community and Businesses to relocate to the old boundary of Harlem which was 135th Street.’Negroes’ were not allowed South of 135th St.

  2. HARLEM IS UNDER ATTACK CONTACT Community Board #10 in Harlem between NOW and Dec. 5, 2007 INSIST that CB10 OPPOSE New York City’s 125th Zoning Proposal For more information on the 125th Street Rezoning Plan, please go to the CB10 website THE HARLEM COMMUNITY MESSAGE IS: 1. NO luxury residential on 125th St 2. NO buildings taller than the Teresa Hotel 3. PROTECT THE SMALL BUSINESSES (71 BUSINESSES ARE DUE TO CLOSE*) 4. NO changes to driving access to 125th ST SEND YOUR VOTE TO EMAIL ADDRESS: or CAST YOUR VOTE BY PHONE : 347-756-7143 THE VOTES WILL BE TALLIED AND RECORDED AT THE DEC 5TH CB#10 BOARD MEETING DEC 5TH DEC 5TH A CALL FOR COMMUNITY ACTION!! Community Board #10 in Harlem votes on Department of City Planning’s (DCP)Proposal at the December 5 General Board meeting. The public is urged to attend. No We say You must be there! A TALLY OF YOUR RESPONSES WILL BE ANNOUNCED AT THE DECEMBER 5th GENERAL BOARD MEETING. HOLD YOUR BOARD ACCOUNTABLE. 12/5 meeting is at 6 pm in the ACP State Building in the 2nd Floor Art Gallery. CAST YOUR VOTE YES in favor of DCP’s PROPOSAL OR NO against DCP’S PROPOSAL ENCOURAGE FRIENDS, FAMILY, NEIGHBORS TO REGISTER THEIR POSITION ON THIS IMPORTANT ISSUE! ONLY WE CAN SAVE HARLEM!! * Harlem Masters Barber Shop, across from the Black National Theater, closed on Friday, Nov 30th. Displaced. Moved to 131St and Malcom X. Why ? It was not blighted nor was it unsuccessful.

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