“Push” the novel has started filming in Harlem

The novel “Push” by Sapphire has been a cult classic amongst African-American Readers for many years. Now the book is being turned into a movie and has started filming in Harlem. Film trucks, cast, and crew are all lined on 123rd Street and Lenox Avenue shooting. One house is completely covered in black cloth and the actors are inside shooting. Lee Daniels is the director of the film and you know him for his producer credits on “Monster’s Ball.” Lenny Kravitz, Mo’nique, Paula Patton, and newcomer Gabourey “Gabbie” Sidibe are set to star in the production.The story follows a young girl named Precious. She becomes pregnant and finds a new path for her life with the help of new found friends and role models.

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7 thoughts on ““Push” the novel has started filming in Harlem

  1. I read the book when i was like 14, i was excited when I heard it was being turned into a movie, what i got exicted even more when a childhood friend told me she was in the movie. Playing Rita, PRecious’ best friend, so I am really excited and definately cant wait til it hits the theater. I’ll be there first day! I also met Gabby the lead in the movie pretty nice girl.. great personality! I know the movie will be grat

  2. C-N, how was the movie? did you read the book, is there word on the movie’s release? I wish i could’ve seen it! I read the book and thought it was great. Loved the character’s transformation.

  3. tonight i will be part of a select few getting to see a private viewing of this movie. i really wish that i would have read the book first. but then this way i can give an honest opinion of the movie. but tomorrow i am going to buy the book!

  4. I wrote a paper in college on this book. I have a love/hate relationship with it. When I first read the book I could not put it down. I have given it to several people to read and would encourage Sapphire to write more books. Sapphire is an awesome believable writer. Cant wait for the movie. Peace & blessings. ~~Precious

  5. I really love this book. It was extremely inspirational and it spoke to me. I can’t decide if I want to see the movie come out. I think that the words speak for themselves and tell this story so well. I’m afraid that it will be too commercialized and it’ll loose it’s deep meaning.

  6. I’m so excited!!!This has been my favorite book since I was 14. I read it at least once a year and it made me a stronger woman. I’m glad that I read this book it got me through Highschool without being pressured into sex, drugs or anything that would do any harm to myself or my spirit. Thankyou for letting me voice my opinion!

  7. Absolutely fabulous book…

    Much better than the hyped Terri Woods series.

    Glad to hear it is being made into a movie.

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