Le Perle Noir

Any news on the “La Perle Noir” on the corner of Lenox and West 131st?
Nice awning….. saying it’s a Cafe/Bakery… somewhat French it sounds like….

Anyway, any news of when this thing might open?

-U.F. Reader


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  1. the coffee is WAY better than the corner stores…and the baked goods are also delicious! i’d support la perle noire over the starbucks on 1 2 5 in a heartbeat!

  2. I stopped by today…the cafe is great! Johnny is a friendly guy, and I look forward to spending more time there.

  3. I just went there, IT IS EXCITING since there is nothing else like it close by!!!

    Good luck to them!!! I’ll be there often!

  4. Anonymous,
    thanks for your feedback. We do hope to extend our hours of operations. Indeed, we’ve had to stay open until because our customers were still there. We will also do adverts but we want to get our rhythm before launching our marketing efforts.

    Thanks again for your suggestions.


    PS Happy New Year to ALL

  5. I would suggest delivering flyers to some of the major residential and commercial developments to get the word out. I am a resident at 50 West 127th St and will definitely pay “La Perle Noir” a visit! However, I must agree that many of us work late and get home somewhere between 6-8:30pm… so I hope that your initial hours/schedule won’t hurt you. Good Luck! Again, please do some advertising because had I not stumbbled on this web page I would have never known about your cafe/bakery.

  6. Hi all,
    I wanted to let you know we “unofficially” opened our door last Monday. What is “unofficially” you ask? Great question…it means we basically have a short menu serving only breads, bagels, muffins, pastries and coffees. We want to get things right and get our ducks in order before expanding to the full menu. We expect to have an official grand opening some time in mid-January.

    You will be the judges and though we won’t please everybody, we hope you’ll let us know how to make our little spot truly the “Black Pearl.”
    This is a work in progress but we are proud of our little slice of Harlem and we hope you’ll be too.


  7. I am the co owner friend, guys keep me posted on how soon the grand opening will be, by the way i can give few ideas n various of pasry i use o have gowing up in the North East of France (Moselle), the bakery there has a lot of German influence, very yummy and for the chocolate lovers a lot of delicious chocolate cake 🙂 …

  8. I’m thrilled that you’ll be baking your own breads!

    The website looks good, the products yummy!

    FYI, the Lenox Grand (the new condo across the street from The Lenox at 129th) which has been sitting empty for the last 10 months due to financial problems, finally has some people moving in. The first few moved in earlier this week, so when Le Perle Noir opens, there’s another building sure to provide customers!

  9. sight looks friendly and simple to read…if you’re gonna have all that it’s going to be an awesome winter…lol

  10. Will you bake your own bread? Ive been a bit disappointed with the hard bread that Ive picked up at Settepani… just a good chewy french loaf or something the like?

  11. We are still under construction which is taking a little longer than expected because for some reason every vendor seems to be running out of stock. I guess it’s a good sign for the economy or they’re slowing production.

    Anyway, we will be open 7-7 weekdays and 8-6 on the weekends to test the waters as illoquent mentioned and to work out the kinks. we’ll adjust the schedule based on the demand.

  12. i can live without the night hours but i only have time for a leisurely coffee and baked good on the weekends. i’ll never ever make it there if they arent open saturday or sunday. johnny, say it aint so!!!??!?!?

  13. i agree. my guess…and this is just my guess…is that they’re testing the waters before commiting to later hours and the extra staff. i’m guessing johnny will let us know.

  14. These new Harlem stores make the mistake of holding regular suburban hours, for example Charlie’s sushi is closed by 8:00pm and Sundays, Soupman closed too early also missing many customers.

    Settepany has it right, staying open later and all weekend, basically, you can walk to Settepany pretty much any time knowing it will be open.

    Many new Harlemites work long hours and are only available for services up to at least 10:00pm and weekends, otherwise you miss all the customers working downtown later hours.

  15. Johnny,

    Good luck, really looking forward to some more alternatives on Lenox, planning to be a regular customer.

  16. Anonymous…I am sorry 😦 we won’t be able to fulfill your request but may i suggest crown chicken…when you’re done, feel free to stop by for great coffee and pastry…on us in year 2 :-). You can also stop by anytime after you’ve played your numbers at the liquor store, again maybe for an espresso or hot chocolate.

    Gecko, we will work very hard to serve great products.

  17. Johnny – Your neighbors in The Lenox, the apartment building at 129th & Lenox, are very excited about “Le Perle Noir” and anxiously await its opening. We won’t have to go to Settepanni to pick up bread for dinner anymore!

  18. That Juice Bar = Out of Business
    SoupMan = Out of Business
    This Coffee Shop? I give it 1 year unless they also sell lotto and double fry chicken wings with gobs of ketchup.

  19. A friend just forwarded this to me… I am the owner and yes it is (will be) a French bakery. We hope to open in about 3-4 weeks. Our main items will be great coffee, baked goods and breads but we will also have sandwiches and salads. We hope to make this a special place with a nice decor, couch and…wait for it…free wireless. Anyway, please be on the lookout for news of our opening.



  20. this may be old news, but walked by pier 2110 and it’s closed. sign up advertising restaurant space available for lease.

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