Doug E.’s Fresh Chicken and Waffles

Doug E.’s Fresh Chicken and Waffles, originally uploaded by Eating In Translation.

Oh, oh oh my gawd! Remember we posted about this just the other week? Well, Dave from EIT has the first shot of Doug E. Fresh’s new chicken and waffle spot. Well, La di da (di)  it is located on the corner of 132nd Street right next to the now defunct Well’s and Harlem Grill. Be sure to pour out a little syrup in their memory.

Address: 2245 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. (132nd St.)


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14 replies on “Doug E.’s Fresh Chicken and Waffles”

  1. One day about 7 years ago, I was running to catch my bus when I dropped some mail I had been carrying. Some guy came over and helped me pick it up…I looked up, it was none other than Doug E. Fresh. Much success!!!

  2. no way, the O.G. spot is Los Angeles’ Roscoes’ Chicken and Waffles! (strangely enough, it was started in L.A. in 1976 by a guy from Harlem).

  3. Sounds like he stole the concept from Gladys Knights Chicken & Waffles in the Atl
    talk about swagga jackin…..What eva happend to innovators????

  4. I would like to know when is the exspected date for the “Grand Opening” of Doug E. ‘s chicken&waffle restuarant?

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