Emergency Meeting Called

Fellow Harlem Residents,

My name is Don Williams, President of The Mount Morris Park Community Improvement Association.

We have all been deeply disturbed by this last weekends violence and we are seeking an organized response to combat these episodes. To that end New York City Councilwoman Inez Dickens will conduct an Emergency Community Meeting on Tuesday June 26 @ 6PM at Rice High School ( 124st and Lennox Avenue ). The Honorable Councilwoman Dickens will be accompanied by the Commanders of the 28 Precinct, the 25 Precinct and the 32 Precinct, the Parks Department, and Community Boards 10 & 11 Officialdom to propose their plan of action.

This Emergency meeting is an adjunct to our regularly scheduled General Meeting; we are suspending our regular meeting’s order of business in order to give precedence and voice to our larger community concerns.

I have been a silent witness to the concerns and opinions voiced on this site and invite all members of the Greater Harlem community to attend.

I hope to see you all there.

Kind Regards

Don Williams
Mount Morris Park Community Improvement Association


3 thoughts on “Emergency Meeting Called

  1. Sounds like the purpose and agenda last night was to convince each other of a wishful thought. I don’t believe anyone has a foundation to suggest the recent shootings in Harlem are isolated incidents.

    There have been 3 that I know of in the last couple of weeks, 2 resulting in deaths, the one at Mt. Morris Park and one on 11th and 5th or so a couple of weeks ago. I don’t believe the 2 shot on 12th last Saturday died.

    Just wait, eventually one of the victims will be White, when that happens this topic and issue will be in the news non-stop around the clock. But it’s going to take that, a White person to be victimized for this issue to be on the front burner of concern.

  2. Firstly, the murder robbery was clearly an isolated incident, had there been a spree of robberies before then this could be seen as part of a trend, but that is not the case, in fact Mount Morris Park is better patrolled and less crime, most locals agree.

    One concern is there must have been more than one witness to identify these killers, if they do not come forward they are accomplices to the death of this man from the Bronx.

    Another concern I have is the police seem to be judged by their ability to address quality of life issues, which in my experience they are not so good at.

    They should be firstly judged by their response to serous incidents, god forbid anyone should ever need them for something more serious than BBQ noise and you ask them to intervene a dangerous situation, they will be there and you will see the NYPD very differently.

    The police policy of stop and frisk is clearly essential here, how many guns are left at home that would otherwise be carried on the street. How many more incidents like last weekend if the police did not have a policy of stop and frisk.

    It is the guns on the street that make a robbery or altercation escalate to a loss of life.

    We can’t change Americas love of guns, but we can make it harder for guns to be on the streets of New York.

    One woman complained that the police made a crime scene out of the projects, complaining that this was unnecessary, she should be thankful to the police for being there trying to catch the bad guys and should be giving the police her support.

    I feel bad for the police, they are under pressure from new residents for quality of life issues, they are under pressure from some long-term residents for what is perceived as harassment.

    In short, keep up the stop and frisk and god bless the NYPD.

  3. Having attended this meeting last night, what worries me and should worry all of us is that all the speakers were confident that this was just an aberation. What is your confidence level? What if this is really a reversion to the mean after years of progress in cracking crime.

    Clearly a drop-off in young people wanting to be police officers is beginning to have an impact on NYC.

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